Our countertop kiosk models is an ideal solution for businesses that need a durable, compact and quality solution especially when space is at a premium. Countertop kiosks have all the functionality of a traditional kiosk, with the convenient option of sitting while using the unit. They are ideal in an office setting where employees can access human resource functions such as employee benefits and job applications. It is also a great alternative for concierge and check-in/check-out services as well as a retail setting, allowing shoppers to purchase at the kiosk or fill out customer surveys. Potential job seekers can also utilize the kiosk to fill out applications. Essential components such as a keyboard and trackball, printer or card reader can be added depending on their use.


The X2 is the answer to the need for a rugged, compact and quality kiosk solution when space is at a premium. This unique kiosk boasts standard and dynamic features not found on other countertop models including a 19″ LCD display. Its versatility allows it to be customized for use in various industries including health, sporting, entertainment, real estate and education.

Download X2 Datasheet


This countertop kiosk includes a Sound Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen. The unit can be configured with either a 15” or 19” LCD Display. Despite its sleek, neat finish, it is quite a rugged kiosk model. This, along with its compact size makes it a great option for high traffic areas with limited floor space.

Download X2S Datasheet

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