Our Floor Standing Kiosk Models include:


The cutting edge X6 is out most popular and versatile floor series model. It stands out because of its contemporary look and its sleek, symmetrical form. It allows a wide range of options including printing, cash and coin handling, overhead  monitors and light boxes, monitor size upgrades, additional access options, and more.  This model is perfect for self-service applications where payment transactions are required.

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One of our newer kiosk model designs, the X6-JB is becoming a popular choice for clients looking for a transactional kiosks. It’s intricately designed curves and angles gives it a modern look while still accommodating multiple features and components, giving clients various options depending on their business needs.



The X7 has a standard 19” LCD display that is surrounded by sleek, smooth and attractive steel enclosure. It’s inviting design makes it a perfect informational kiosk – a great choice for applications such as way-finding, in-store cataloguing and product showcases, as well as directories. The internal peripherals are all modular designs for quick swapping and easy, unobtrusive maintenance.

Download X7 Datasheet


The X7E’s standard 19” LCD display sits atop a striking 16-gauge-steel enclosure that provides enough room to accommodate receipt printers, cash and coin acceptors and some of the larger, common transactional components. The subtle angles and arches of the X7E give the roomy unit the appearance of a much smaller footprint and provides easy access for unobtrusive maintenance.

Download X7E Datasheet


This kiosk is perfect for locations where space is at a premium, due to its front access design which not only allows the unit to move easily but also facilitates easy access and maintenance. A 19″ LCD screen sits atop it’s deep body which has a uniquely shaped interior that can house a wide range of components.

Download X9 Datasheet


The X9E is a variation of the X9 kiosk. It has the same unique body but  with an optional 19″ overhead LCD monitor that provides the perfect advertising medium. This model is often used in lobby areas and retail spaces to provide check-in services, in-store cataloguing and other transactional applications.

Download X9E Datasheet


This unit has a stunning design, custom-engineered steel side accent blades and patented vandal-resistant locks. Display options include 32″, 42″, 52″, 64″, 104″ LCD (portrait or landscape). This model also has abundant internal space for a wide variety of peripherals. Its expansive display makes it perfect for advertising and wayfinding applications.

Download X10 (Landscape) Datasheet          Download X10 (Portrait) Datasheet


The C5 kiosk can be outfitted with either a 19″ or 22″” LCD screen, with our without touch screen. It is sleek, smooth, attractive with a rugged, vandal resistant enclosure. It is one of our low cost kiosk models that boasts a high quality design at a lower price. The C5 is a clear winner  – rugged, attractive and affordable.

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The C6 features a simple, modern look and low price without compromising quality or functionality. This model’s high-end kiosk technology supports a wide variety of options, including printing, cash and coin handling, greater accessibility, security and bio-sensing peripherals, an overhead monitor, monitor size upgrades, and more.

Download C6 Datasheet


The C7 kiosk is simple, functional and rugged like the other C series models. Made with stainless steel, it is vandal-resistant and can easily be used in high traffic locations. There are two screen options for this model – 19″ or 22″ LCD, with or without touch screen. This model has been customized for clients in various industries, as it is ideal for self-service transactional applications.

Download C7 Datasheet


The C7E is similar to the C7 but with a larger enclosure to accommodate additional components. Not to be fooled by its  simple design, like the other C series models, it is extremely rugged and functional.  It is a stainless steel, vandal-resistant unit that is ideal for  high traffic locations. There are two screen options for this model – 19″ or 22″ LCD, with or without touch screen. This model has been customized for clients in various industries, as it is ideal for self-service transactional applications.

Download C7E Datasheet

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