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    Alabama Power Company became interested in self-serve kiosks last year as a way to help customers pay their bills. Once the company deployed 79 self-serve payment kiosks at 34 of is 89 offices, as described in part one of this two-part series, more customers have been able to pay bills at their convenience, improving customer satisfaction as well as the utility's cash flow.

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    Alabama Power Company wanted to relieve the stress for customers on a tight budget. Even though the utility company has 89 business offices throughout the state, many customers do not find it easy to visit an office during working hours, and not everyone is comfortable making payments on the company's website. Self-serve payment kiosks that accept cash and checks have provided a convenient option.

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    Kiosk hardware providers often find that by expanding into software, they retain more control over the execution of their projects, which can help them complete projects faster. When Kiosk Marketplace queried hardware providers in late August, this was cited as a driving force — but not the only one — behind their expansion into software .

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    Today, the majority of companies that define themselves as kiosk providers offer both hardware and software. Rather than identifying themselves as "hardware" or "software" providers, many of these companies see themselves as "kiosk solution" providers.

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    The Stratosphere is entering the final stages of a field test with a kiosk for Stadium Technology Group, a system that is used to take bets by numerous sportsbooks in Nevada.