SlabbKiosks designs and manufactures OEM or custom solution kiosks under the brand name USAkiosks. These units allow organizations to get a kiosk that is built to suit their specific requirements as opposed to a standard kiosk that is reconfigured as best as possible to perform specific functions. Because these designs are unique they often cost more than a standard kiosk. Despite this, many organizations choose to purchase custom solutions, because it ensures that it accommodates or delivers a specific product or service in a more convenient way. Most would agree that the unit ultimately pays for itself, as end users now have a self-service option to purchase products they never could via this means, before. It enhances their service experience, resulting in increased use of the unit.

OEM units ideally allow businesses, such as, traditional brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers, to extend their physical presence at locations where a physical store might not have been feasible or cost effective such as at indoor shopping malls, airports and many other high-traffic locations. The accessibility of the units, coupled with the growing trend of customers embracing self-service technology, make these units a great alternative for many businesses.

Some of the OEM Solutions we provide include:

  • Automated Retail
  • Locker Systems
  • Self Checkout
  • Educational
  • Outdoor
  • Healthcare
  • Payment
  • Printing
  • Table Kiosk Solutions

We provide highly customized OEM Kiosk Solutions for our clients through continuous collaboration that takes them through a comprehensive process from Planning to Design to Prototype to Production. The end result is a total self-service solution, complete with hardware, software and services.

Where to find us…

  Address: 248 S Mulberry, #113-116

  City, State, Zip: Mesa, AZ 85202

   Telephone: 866 289 6041

   Email: info@slabbkiosks.com


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