Slabb, Inc., through The Laughter of a Child Foundation supports the work of the Watoto Kicheko, an orphanage and baby home in Arusha, Tanzania. Watoto Kicheko  has been set up to help local children who have special needs that cannot adequately be met in their communities. The Center provides a haven for Tanzanian children by working closely with the local authority and communities. They provide schooling, healthcare, a caring home life, love and security for these most vulnerable of children. Over the past two years many of their children have returned to their communities. However, they continue to receive children who need their care.

To learn more about Watoto Kicheko, visit their website www.watotokicheko.com.




Slabb, Inc sponsors Cougars Track and Field Club in Trinidad and have made a commitment to the club through to the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. The Club’s athletes continue to excel in almost all events they participate in locally as well as in the region. One of their athletes, Shaniqua Bascomber, was dubbed “the fastest 13 year old in the world” in 2017. She also received the National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad & Tobago’s (NAAATT) President’s Rising Star Award and an award for outstanding performance. Her personal bests for 2017 were 11.77 in the 100m and 23.97 in the 200m.