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We can’t deny that digital signage plays a crucial role in product promotion. There is no better way to grab the attention of consumers than by installing a moving, flashing digital sign to advertise your product. This doesn’t mean that we should discard the traditional, ‘tried and true’ mediums, but studies have shown the great and lasting effect of digital signage on consumers.

A study conducted by SignAd Network found that “digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month than online videos” (70% digital signage vs. 43% for online videos). Also the same study showed that “nearly 1 in 5 of those who have seen an ad via digital signage have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on a screen.” It’s no surprise then, that many have taken this effective advertising medium and utilized it in an alternative way to provide a new service – wayfinding or directional signage.

Wayfinding, as its name suggests, is a solution that assists people in finding their way in public spaces by depicting clear, directional guidelines to various destinations. Some wayfinding units also give additional information about the facility and even information about the location including city/town parking, landmarks, etc. It’s a great use of digital signage and its effectiveness has resulted in increased usage in various industries including healthcare, retail, for event and recreation venues such as concert halls, parks and stadiums. It can be used by a single business or cover several multi-purpose buildings on one site such as on a university campus.

Some of the benefits include:

  • It reduces the time spent looking for a particular location.
  • It facilitates easy upload of updated information, thereby eliminating the cost of printing wayfinding maps every time an update is needed.
  • There is no deterioration as is common for traditional wayfinding static maps due to weather (if outdoors) or expected ‘wear and tear.’
  • Digital wayfinding allows information to be updated easily (information about construction, closures or rerouting can be given almost immediately).
  • It provides a great branding opportunity for organizations, utilizing brand colors and logos
  • It can provide additional information about the company, products and services, or general information about the weather or location-specific news, etc.
  • It can provide relevant purchase information such as restaurant menus, venue seat layouts and wait times for a particular service or event.
  • Some units can also facilitate the printing of directions.

These benefits have increased the use of digital wayfinding solutions by many organizations seeking to enhance its customer service experience. It is just another way that digital signage has become an effective way to provide additional information and services to customers.