We once wrote a blog about two years giving a brief history about our company and some of the kiosk models we offer. Unbelievably, a lot has changed in just two years. We have rebranded, not too far from our original name, to SlabbKiosks and have since expanded our product line. Just these few changes made me realize that maybe it’s time we updated the blog to provide some more up to date information.

Since starting off as an internet-based kiosk retailer in 2002, we have continuously strived to offer the most effective hardware manufacturing and kiosk installation service in the market. We can now proudly say that after more than a decade, we are currently represented in six continents by over 50 resellers. We’ve worked with many clients in various industries including the government sectors, national universities and colleges, famous casinos, leading financial institutions and healthcare providers with a successful track record that guarantees the satisfaction of our corporate customers as well as the end users of our products. In a nutshell, it’s hard to believe, but we have achieved, 20 years of kiosk manufacturing for 1000s of clients in over 150 countries in 6 continents across 22 industries…

Here’s how it all adds up. Since getting into the kiosk industry, our company has continuously looked for ways to enhance our product and services, by offering the latest in technological advancements. We use high quality components and create designs that are functional, attractive and that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance. Our production facilities allow us to provide highly customized, ADA-compliant kiosks within a 4-6-week lead time.

Our kiosk line that includes a variety of kiosk designs, interactive digital signage options and through our recently launched brand, USAkiosks – OEM kiosk solutions.

Customers can choose from our extensive line of kiosk models and have them customized to suit their needs. Our models consist of:

  • Freestanding
  • C Series
  • X Series
  • Interactive Signage
  • Outdoor
  • Wall Mount
  • Countertop

We offer our clients:

  • Free quotes and renderings
  • A choice of high quality, well-designed standard kiosk models or highly customized OEM units
  • A collaborative consultation process that seamlessly takes clients from planning to production
  • Dedicated production lines that facilitate mass customization
  • No engineering charges
  • Competitive pricing
  • One of the shortest lead times in the industry
  • On time delivery of fully operational units at client’s location of choice
  • Experienced and responsive staff with over 40 years of combined experience in self-service

Learn more at www.slabbkiosk.com.