A countertop kiosk, also known as desktop kiosk  is a kiosk built to sit on a counter or desk(as its name suggests), similar to a desktop/personal computer (PC). Despite being smaller in size than a traditional kiosk, it has the same functionality.  Although often overlooked because of the popularity of the traditional, full-sized kiosk, the countertop kiosk has many benefits including:

  • Good things come in small packages – Excuse the cliché, but where the countertop kiosk is concerned, this provides an accurate description. Despite its size, the countertop kiosk can still house all the components found in a traditional kiosk, allowing it to provide the same functionality in a more compact unit. This makes it a great option for offices or retail outlets where space is limited.


  • It can enhance the customer experience – The countertop kiosk provides the same convenience as any other kiosk but it provides a seating option due to its placement on a counter or desk. This is important for applications that require extensive input of data where a customer would feel more comfortable if seated while using the unit. Customers may actually be more inclined to use the kiosk, as a result, so this model would be suitable to attract potential users to fill out surveys or supply detailed information. It is also great for use as a human resource tool where employees can access HR functions such as employee benefits and job applications.


  • Ease to use – The use of customized software and the option of a touchscreen provide an interactive element that makes them easy to use. The countertop kiosk is easy to use. Customers can choose components based on their industry-specific needs. It also gives companies a convenient way to provide relevant company information while allowing users to input data, if needed.


  • Forget the logistics – This kiosk model facilitates easy implementation and installation. It’s as simple as finding a suitable location, plugging the unit in, checking functionality if connected to external databases and finally, using the unit for its intended purpose. Kiosk management is also very straightforward and data can be accessed from any computer through an administrative portal.


  • Affordability – Due to their size the kiosks have less material requirements, making the cost to manufacture them much less than a freestanding model. They also weigh less which positively impacts shipping costs. It allows the end user to buy the unit at a lower cost than a freestanding kiosk. This proved to be a major factor for one of our micro market clients who can now offer a countertop kiosk to their operators, increasing the size of the market that they service.


  • Don’t let the size fool you – The size of the kiosk does not denote fragility. As is the norm with all Slabb’s kiosks, the countertop kiosk is rugged and vandal-resistant without compromising quality. It can be used in a variety of environments while hosting a multitude of applications to provide an efficient and secure transaction experience for the customer.

These are just a few of the main features that makes the countertop kiosk an attractive alternative. It can provide the essential elements of a freestanding kiosks including:

  • Convenience
  • Facilitation of data capturing
  • Customized components
  • Customizable software
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Provision of additional services

Our countertop/desktop series includes the X2 and the recent addition of the X2S, both of which can be customized to suit the needs of any organization or business.