Mike Masone – VP of Sales, SlabbKiosks

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BLUE CAR EFFECT – “the phenomenon by which you don’t notice how many blue cars are on the road until you buy a blue car yourself.

I felt a shift this year at HIMSS.

Instead of: “WOW AWESOME – how does it work”; I heard: “This is the way forward.” Even at our booth, we got a lot less “whats” and “whys” and more “hows” and “whens”.

The EMR silos are flattening – AllScripts and EPIC were further opening up their systems to third-party innovation. Meanwhile VMWare guest speakers were giving away simple security steps. Steps necessary to prevent you and your company from becoming one of the actors in their Tales of Security Failures . Lax data security policies and ‘normal’ human behavior present an open door for digital n’er do wells leading to much more than last years corn-crop the coming world of flattened silos.

Hertz CheckeredFlag Collection

Hertz CheckeredFlag Collection

Blue Cars – Everything is different in a new car. We have built our own blue car. Self Service Group provides tools to support the growth and maintenance of Self Service deployments, in any industry. 80% of our customers had the same two requirements for growth:

  • No CapEx
  • No new Employees

From this: 5 Year Kiosk Project Cost = (~30K SW Development & Integration) + [($10K Hardware) +(~$1K delivery & Install)+(9%/yr-warranty)]+(1 FTE/200 kiosks) or ($187-48 hour service call)

To this: 5 Year Kiosk Project Cost = $325/kiosk/month

Here’s to the Gas Pedal!