Mike Masone – VP of Sales, SlabbKiosks

This article was originally published on LinkedIn

To successfully manage products like ours requires sharing lot of coordinated data – documentation, pictures, videos, SDKs, and other bits. Online sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive have been invaluable for this.

Dropbox stashes a copy of most files on your local hard drive unless you ask it not to. Windows doesn’t really know about this- it simply tells you that your drive is full. Windows does not know (nor should it) that you have online copies of a file; it simply treats them all the same. So when you look for tools to clear space it will give you the standard – incremental GB here;GB solutions. Hardly enough to solve big storage issues and a pain in the neck to implement.

Monday I spent 3 hours saving 2GB one day using Windows tools. Wednesday I freed up 85 GB in 10 minutes adjusting a Dropbox setting.

Here is the fix – https://www.dropbox.com/guide/business/manage-files/save-your-hard-drive-space