Mike Masone – VP of Sales, SlabbKiosks

This article was first published on LinkedIn on June 21, 2018

The biggest news you won’t be hearing today affects a very important piece of tax law with a very confusing name – NEXUS

The effected Nexus isn’t a competitively-priced , salon-only line of hair products started in the well-coiffed 1980s .

Nexus in this context is a company’s presence required to generate a tax liability usually with respect to an individual State’s ability to require sales tax. Decades of case law on which much of the modern and particularly online economy relies has just been torpedoed.

A customer required I research the question of how a kiosk may contribute to Nexus. For help, I asked the expert – Brian Greer at Tax Connex who graciously taught me everything I know, which is just enough to sense danger and bark for help like Lassie.

If you sell anything across state lines….you will want to call your accountant…right now. If your accountant doesn’t know what this means. Call Brian for a consult.

Good Luck