Mike Masone – VP of Sales, SlabbKiosks

This article was first published on LinkedIn on June 25, 2018

Kiosks work. They work well. To some…they work too well.

Why? In his article Bruce Rasmussen of Ingenico logically spells out the WHAT of kiosks in the QSR space. The WHY…well that is up for interpretation and some somewhat-educated guessing.

My guess is that kiosks solve the biggest concern for people at QSR stores – they don’t pass judgement!

As an example I’m emotionally invested in the Big Mac. I’ve been Mackin’ for 30+ years. I know of the SuperSize me guy, I’m aware of the cost of new belts and pants, I know that my food choice isn’t exactly the Breakfast of Champions…..The thing is….I don’t care! I LIKE it….and I don’t like anyone who getting between me and my sesame-clad friend.

As a Human, I’m acutely aware that I’m being judged by the person in front of me from whom I order. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it feels bad depending on their opinion of my obsession. For me the human, why risk the judgement and shame. My real friend there is the Mac! I need nobody else.

Kiosks clear the space for me and my Mac. I can focus on it and it alone, happily solo in a judgement free zone.

Article by Bruce Rasmussen referenced above: Kiosks and the Quick Service Revolution