Mike Masone – VP of Sales, SlabbKiosks

This article was first published on LinkedIn on October 15, 2018

9,000 Subway restaurants now offer delivery

The above is the latest in the long line of high profile ….. to third party delivery services. What does this mean to owners of the last mile – the on-site food service provider?

The short answer is….nobody is sure exactly, but it sure isn’t looking good.

William Blake – Expulsion from the Garden of Eden – Four Horsemen Driving Them Out

HISTORICALLY, site hosts could make a reasonable case to deny any single outside provider access to their buildings, staff, and space, why favor one provider with a limited number of in-house patrons?

NOW, a host can’t make that argument. Every provider is using these lunch common-carriers. To deny access to a site makes hosts appear disconnected from the tastes, technology, and preference of staff . Of course, host permission may not even be necessary- an UberEats driver told me he routinely gets security codes and ‘secret knock’ instructions sent with orders to supposedly closed sites. Appearing oblivious or over-protective is a tough stance to take in a world with 4% unemployment.

Current stewards of the last food mile must quickly layer in technology that ensures that they remain the primary ordering platform and delivery mechanism for the sites they have fought so hard for.