Blog Image_Our Year In Kiosks_Jan2019

It seems like at the beginning of every year we are amazed by just how quickly the previous year has passed and last year was no exception – 2018 seems like a blur. You know what they say about time, when you’re busy having fun.

Last year was definitely a busy one. You may say, as a company, we were relatively quiet in terms of announcements, press releases, articles, etc., but with good reason. Most of the year was spent establishing our new operational center/production facility in Mesa, Arizona. This became a much needed expansion, due to an increase in customer demand. The new facility now focusses on product integration and includes highly efficient quality control processes, testing of hardware, along with both in-house and third party software. All of which were stringently and tirelessly implemented throughout most of last year. It also meant a growth in our workforce which included the expansion of our software group.

We can truly say despite the many tireless hours spent in the effort and the challenges encountered, we had a phenomenal year and can now boast of a seamless production facility that produces kiosks that are fully customized and operational upon delivery to our customers’ locations. We are excited about the year ahead and look forward to continuing and strengthening the relationships with our customers as we provide them with high quality products.

So, although you may not have heard from us last year, and we faltered in providing our yearly updates, be sure to look out for lots of exciting things for the year ahead. We wish you all the best for 2019 and look forward to a productive and enjoyable year as we continue this journey with you.