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The EMV Impact to Kiosk Operators and Owners

This article was originally published on Is there ONLY one way they can be impacted?  Is this something that may adversely affect kiosk owners, even manufacturers, if they do not ensure their kiosks are EMV-enabled? To answer this, we may need to take a step back and analyse exactly what being EMV-enabled means and what happens if a kiosk isn’t ‘upgraded’ to ensure it is. WHAT IS EMV? EMV is a global payment standard that […]

The self-service kiosk – one of the key elements of the micro market concept

This article was also published on There’s a new trend developing in offices and it might be considered an inevitable result of the increased demand on an employee’s time. The expectation of high productivity levels, ensuring deliverables are completed in a timely manner and to a preset standard have extended the amount of time employees spend at work. This new development is not ominous in any way, but actually quite practical. Micro markets can […]

Self-Service Kiosk Solutions for Micro Markets

Just yesterday we shared an article via Twitter from – An engineer solved the most annoying problem with ordering lunch at work. It’s an amusing article because of the seemingly inane problem the engineer sought to solve – making the lunchtime delivery process more efficient. The article was referring to lunch orders being placed and the time it would take the person at the front desk to find out who placed the order. Well, […]

Business Owners Continue to Benefit from Self-Service Check out Kiosks

Last year we ended with a blog entry on the benefits of self-service kiosks, especially during the holiday rush. The article focused mainly on the benefits to customers, which should be the goal of any business – providing an enhanced service experience for their customers.  However, on the ‘flip side’, self-service check out kiosks also have many benefits to business owners. We thought we would explore some of them in today’s blog. Increased Customer Loyalty […]