SlabbKiosks has launched – a site specifically designed to showcase the company’s OEM solutions. The site features some of the customized kiosk units that were designed for clients in various industries including automated retail solutions, self-checkout solutions, healthcare solutions, locker systems and much more.

“At SlabbKiosks we pride ourselves on responding to the needs of our clients. We continue to see a transition from traditional freestanding kiosks with basic components to units that offer a blend of both kiosk and vending machine components, resulting in larger, multi-functional units. Often these automated vending kiosks are used as engagement touchpoints that either complement a company’s physical locations or completely replace them. We’ve modified our manufacturing process to meet this need and we’re excited to launch this new site that focuses on our OEM design capabilities” stated the company’s President, Peter te Lintel Hekkert.

Customers visiting the new site, can request a quote or consultation with one of SlabbKiosks’ Product Developers. The process includes in-depth analysis of the clients’ needs, creation of potential designs and a prototype, resulting in final production upon client approval. Each stage involves continuous collaboration and consultation with the client.

OEM and customized solutions are usually designed to suit the specific needs of the organization for whom they are built. They can be based on standard models that are modified for a specific use or completely new designs based on precise specifications that result in a unique kiosk that looks like no other ever built.

The company’s standard kiosk models can still be found on

Slabb, Inc. dba SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer of self-service, interactive kiosks, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their acquisition of Phoenix Kiosk and RedDotNet has allowed the company to not only expand their product offering, but also enhance their manufacturing capabilities. Slabb has production facilities in Phoenix, Dover, Tulsa, mainland China and contracted warehouse and distribution centers in the US. The company is able to complete over 250 projects per year, delivering thousands of kiosks from single prototypes to rollouts, with a focus on innovation and affordability. The company’s experienced and responsive staff has over 100 years of combined industry experience, allowing them to provide their clients with high quality, reliable state-of-the-art products, support and services. Additional information can be found at