Automated Retail Solutions have become a popular alternative for many retail outlets and even online retailers. These units provide additional, self-service retail touchpoints for customers that can be placed in convenient locations such as shopping malls. Many additional features can be included such as, merchandise windows, to showcase the product or digital screens that can be used to advertise specials or provide additional product information.


This unit was manufactured for an online hair and skin care retail business that wanted to extend their reach by providing physical retail touchpoints. The kiosks were outfitted with a customized touchscreen interface allowing users to select the products they wish to purchase, just as they would online. A merchandise window was also included to provide an attractive display of the products. The units will be available at high-traffic indoor shopping malls.






This automated kiosk system was developed to better manage the dispensing of medication in the emergency departments of hospitals and large medical centres. It is a secure system that utilizes a software solution that integrates with the healthcare facilities’ prescription fulfillment process.




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