Donation kiosks, often referred to as giving kiosks, provide a great way for charities, churches and other non-profit organizations to accept monetary donations. They are user-friendly and usually placed in an easily accessible location, allowing contributors to utilize them at their own convenience. A donation kiosk provides a unique, secure and confidential way to contribute. They are simple to implement, cost effective and have low transaction fees. Kiosk management is also very straightforward and data can be accessed from any computer through an administrative portal. They can be customized to accept various forms of payment and also provide multiple uses including:

  • Provide 24/7 access, inspiring spontaneous/anonymous giving
  • Information about community events and other relevant topics
  • Generation of additional revenue through sponsored advertising or the sale of merchandise
  • Facilitate registration of new members or the updating of information for current members
  • Schedule services or locate specific contact informatio
  • Encourage users to sign up or volunteer for sponsored events
  • Generate greater visibility and attention
  • Encourage many first time and recurring contributions
  • Enable contributions to a general fund or specific cause
  • Issue paper and email receipts for tax record keeping purposes
  • View Real Time reporting through integration with existing software

They can also be used as a marketing tool with the use of an optional overhead screen which is ideal for displaying ads or information. It provides a great opportunity to market to both current and potential contributors.