Education kiosks provide a secure, user-friendly platform for administrative management at schools and universities. Students, faculty, and administration utilize many applications in the campus environment. Education Kiosks are a great fit for students in particular, because students are very receptive to interactive technology. Students must also perform various school-related tasks that are easily performed on a kiosk. The educational market is one of the fastest growing sectors for interactive kiosks.

Many clients are using their own proprietary software to do the following:

  • ‘Topping up’ of student smart cards to avoid the use of cash for school transactions
  • Accessing transcripts
  • Obtaining campus maps
  • Participation in student and faculty surveys
  • Directions for the area around the campus
  • Checking in for events
  • Obtaining campus information and updates
  • Conducting research via the internet
  • Conducting research via the internet
  • Filling out applications for student clubs and volunteer organizations

Some schools use kiosks in their front offices to assist in making school processes more accessible to parents and as a security measure by capturing relevant information, including vehicle information, of anyone present at the campus.

Education kiosks can also be used to provide relevant information and updates to students on campus with the use of an optional overhead screen.