Education kiosks provide a secure, user-friendly platform for administrative management at schools and universities, including student registration, tuition payment as well as faculty and student updates. They can provide multiple on-campus services. Some schools use kiosks in their front offices to assist in making school processes more accessible to parents and as a security measure by capturing relevant information, including vehicle information, of anyone present at the campus. Education kiosks can also be used to provide relevant information and updates to students on campus by incorporating advertising screens into the kiosk design.


This unit was designed to provide wayfinding services as well as relevant and timely information to students. It includes three (3) interactive screens that will allow students to access campus directories or source directions for locations in and around the campus. When not being used as a wayfinding unit, the kiosk displays important notices and information about upcoming events.







This unit has a stunning design, custom-engineered steel side accent blades and patented vandal-resistant locks. Display options include 32″, 42″, 52″, 64″, 104″ LCD (portrait or landscape). This model also has abundant internal space for a wide variety of peripherals. Its expansive display makes it perfect for advertising and wayfinding applications.



Some variations to this model include double-sided and dual screen units: