A financial kiosk or ATM is a secure, convenient, self-service alternative for bill payments or other financial transactions. Many utility companies use our Drive-Thru or Though-the-Wall ATM models but our standalone financial kiosk models can also be used at retail outlets, groceries and convenience stores where they provide 24/7 access to users. Many non-financial organizations such as churches and charities also use these kiosks to receive donations. They are a great source of additional revenue for businesses wishing to provide these financial solutions to their customers.


The range of services that can be provided at a financial kiosk are virtually limitless. They include:

  • Prepaid Credit/Debit Card Kiosks
  • Check Deposit Kiosks
  • Loan Kiosks
  • Bill Payment Kiosks
  • Donation Kiosks

These systems can be complex due to connectivity, security, compliance, service and usability issues that require expertise and experience with all facets of a company’s operation. They usually require back office connectivity for bill and payment recognition.