We provide kiosk solutions for family entertainment and gaming centers that want to offer loyalty programs for their customers. These kiosks are utilized by casinos, recreational and amusement parks, restaurants, sport teams,  and other entertainment venues. We work with these clients to customize a kiosk solution that increases revenue while decreasing costs. The kiosks are usually customized to provide customer reward & loyalty programs, event updates & highlights and allow customers to purchase menu items and products available at the facility. They are often used to collect data that will influence future marketing strategies.

These kiosks offer a huge competitive advantage over other establishments in terms of repeat revenue, reduction of payroll expenses and order fulfillment speed. These businesses will notice a rapid return on their initial investment or ROI.

One of our entertainment kiosks that can also be used for promotions by non-entertainment businesses is the Scan-to-Win Kiosk Solution. It allows a company to administer its own prize-giveaway program. This can include raffles or similar contests. Participants simply place their ticket under a barcode scanner to determine if they are a winner. Many companies utilize contests as an exciting and effective way to attract attention and advertise, as well as to generate leads and additional sales revenue. The Scan-to-Win solution comes complete with an administration component that allows a company to run a limitless number of different contests.

The Scan-to-Win Solution and Associated Programs Can Be Successfully Implemented in a Number of Environments:

  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Annual Meetings
  • Company Events
  • Public/Special Events
  • Retail Spaces/Car Dealerships