The use of kiosks in federal, state and local government offices is increasing, as they provide a more convenient way to request documents, make payments and facilitate many other transactions. They can be found in courts, county offices and are also used for corrections management. The increased use of kiosks in government offices to provide these services has occurred as a direct result of the need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate the need for unnecessary paperwork.

Kiosks are also widely used throughout the correctional system to assist law enforcement agencies with inmate management, by providing an easier way for inmates and their relatives to conduct financial transactions. They are also known as prison or jail kiosks and allow families to deposit money into prison bank accounts and can also facilitate the payment of fines as well as bail/bond payments. Kiosks are also used to purchase items at prison commissaries.

SlabbKiosks has worked with many correctional institutions, providing customized kiosks not only for use by inmates and their families, but by parolees as well. Kiosks used by parolees, usually minimum-risk clients, provide an alternative way for them to check in with their probation officers at stipulated times throughout their supervision. It reduces the workload of parole officers and are equipped with special components to reduce the potential for fraudulent transactions. These components include fingerprint scanners, signature pads and cameras to assist in accurately identifying users.