One of the sectors that has increased its use of self-service technology is the healthcare industry. More and more, institutions that provide healthcare services such as hospitals, medical centers and doctors’ offices are realizing the need to use technology that can assist in effective patient management while reducing the cost of providing services. This technology not only facilitates greater efficiency but provides a more positive experience for patients and their families. We recognize the importance, and value, of providing HIPAA-compliant solutions for track-and-trend management and meaningful-use compliance.

SlabbKiosks has partnered with healthcare solutions provider PatientWay Рchampions of patient self-service technology. They provide streamlined patient access through web, kiosk and mobile applications using the following products:

  • PatientWay PreReg (Appointment Pre-registration)
  • PatientWay Reminder (Automatic appointment reminders)
  • PatientWay Kiosk (Appointment Check-In, Card Transactions & Wayfinding)

PatientWay’s advanced software allows us to provide a complete healthcare registration or wayfinding system.

These kiosks can also be used as a marketing tool with the use of our optional overhead screens which are ideal for displaying ads or company information. It provides a great opportunity to market to both current and potential customers.

Download our Healthcare Solutions Datasheet