Informational kiosks are typically used to provide information about a company, product, service or location. They are found in many different environments, including shopping malls, showrooms and arenas. They provide a great opportunity to easily obtain information about your customers, by asking for general contact data when the kiosk is used or conducting short surveys to get customer feedback about your business or service.

Any one of our freestanding kiosks can be customized to provide a standard informational kiosk. Our outdoor model gives the added benefit of having an informational kiosk that is available to customers even after business hours.

Informational kiosks are commonly used at exhibitions or to provide internet service. They are often multitouch providing an interactive interface for users.

The addition of a secondary overhead monitor to any of these kiosk models would be perfect for advertisements or marketing messages. Informational kiosks are ideal as an additional marketing medium for any type of business and can be placed and used in a wide range of locations.