A growing area in customization is the use of locker units to assist in the management of functions that require tracking of multiple elements, such as vehicle fleets, hotel room keys or storage unit keys.

These systems can be configured as simple standalone locker systems or larger units, depending on the client’s requirements. There are various options available when customizing these units including the use of RFID tags to ensure that the right keys or items are being placed in the lockers.




This is one of our larger systems which was customized for a medical centre to better manage the use of their vehicle fleet. The kiosks will be able to scan IDs, track mileage and other maintenance requirements. These will be used as prompts to open the individual lockers and will be accessed by employees that operate the company vehicles.




This unit was designed for a hotel to allow their guests to check in/out before/after business hours. The hotel keys go into the lockers and the guests input reservation information in order to prompt the locker to open.






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