Marketing is key to getting your company’s products and services noticed and we believe the ultimate marketing tool is an interactive kiosk.

Our units are usually customized based on the advertising they provide and can stream video with high definition (HD) resolution, providing an excellent high quality branding opportunity. A touch screen or keyboard and trackball allows users to input information that can be used to generate leads.

The great thing about marketing kiosks is that they can be placed in high traffic areas to provide a platform for your company to market your products and services in a non‑invasive way at your customer’s convenience. They can also be used for:

  • Product Campaigns
  • Product/Brand Education
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Surveys

Marketing Survey Kiosks can be customized to gather customer contact information and responses, as well as any other details the business might require. They all businesses to:

  • Gain specific details about their customers
  • Utilize the data to improve customer experience/satisfaction
  • Identify and capitalize on their target market
  • Improve revenue by learning more about their customers
  • Identify improvements that can be made in their customer service
  • Empower and gratify customers by asking for their opinion

Almost all of our kiosks can be used as a marketing tool. Our optional overhead screens are ideal for displaying ads or company information, providing a great opportunity to market to both current and potential customers.