Our outdoor kiosk solutions are commonly used to provide parking kiosk solutions. They are rugged, vandal-resistant and can be used as an unattended solution which is perfect for the distribution and payment of parking tickets or fees. It easily withstands changing weather conditions, as well as above-average usage in high traffic locations, making it ideal for public outdoor settings.


This Parking Kiosk was built and customized for our client, based on our O6 Outdoor kiosk model. It is used for customers paying for parking ‘on foot’, including on-street or municipal parking, or parks or beach parking. It features a 17″ touchscreen with protective glass and comprehensive climate control. Customers have various payment options due to built-in credit card and QR code readers. It is also equipped with backup power.




This unit is more commonly used as entry or exit parking kiosk at public parking garages. It has a 17″ touchscreen with protective glass and a built-in QR Code Reader for scanning reservation codes. The kiosk also includes a credit card reader and a climate control system for easy, high-tech parking.

The exit units are also equipped with a 17″ touchscreen monitor and integrated credit card reader. Its ticket printing capabilities allows it to accommodate a variety of ticket sizes so that customers can have a clear record of their travel expenses. A web cam is also included to guarantee optimum security.




Another Parking Entrance/Exit Kiosk Terminal:



These outdoor kiosks feature a combination of functional styling and rugged durability and is extremely stable and remarkably attractive. They can accommodate numerous applications, and provide an attractive ROI for owners who take advantage of their efficiencies. They can withstand a variety of harsh weather environments, maintaining functionality in temperatures between 0 and 110 Fahrenheit. These units are also designed to endure the rigors of high-volume public use. These kiosks are easily and efficiently installed and maintained, and can capably support a rapidly growing list of optional accessories. Although they can be utilized for functions such as scanning identification cards, bill payment, and check-in/check-out, they are also commonly relied upon for informational applications.