Many businesses use kiosks as information centres that allow their customers to print information at the kiosk. These kiosks can be internet kiosks that allow users to surf the web and print relevant information, or they can be contract or ticketing kiosks that provide printed contracts or tickets to users.  These kiosks can also be used for the printing of coupons or boarding passes.


The remote document recording kiosk works with Harris’ Recordation System software to manage and archive official documents submitted to the Clark County Recorder’s Office.  Users scan their document through the kiosk, which verifies the document. The user then pays their fees and picks up their receipt after recording.  The kiosk scans and returns paper documents to the user and archives an electronic copy.  User receives a receipt for the scanned document with the assigned recording instrument number of the submitted records.

The great thing about this Remote Recording Kiosk is that it uses three common technologies that require no development overhead:

  • Audio/Video/Chat Technology to engage with the customer
  • Client Server Technology (Oncore – Recording Software)
  • Remote Control Technology

It also provides an experience for the user, that is similar to the downtown Government Center walk-in front counter, except that:

  • The kiosk is in a geographically convenient location, climate-controlled government office within Clark County.
  • User scans their own documents rather than the deputy in the Recorder’s Office.
  • User swipes their own credit/debit card for payment much like a walk-up ATM machine.
  • User receives print out of the first page of each document with the recording stamp rather than a sticker placed on the original first page.


This shipping station kiosk was created to allow self-service label printing in order to drop ship a package without having to wait in long lines.  Users can weigh their package, select how soon they would like their package delivered, and then provide a method of payment to create their shipping label.  Once, the label has been printed, the user simply applies their label to their package and places it into the store’s package drop box.