SlabbKiosks provides a web-based, self-order kiosk solution for restaurants under the brand name SKMenu. It connects restaurants to customers with a fast, simple, food ordering experience. It can be used by any food service provider, including delis and fast food restaurants. It supports delivery and takeout, and can easily be integrated with existing stores and menus.



Some of the platform’s key features include:

  •     Multi-channel access
  •     No login requirements
  •     Automatic display of customers’ favorite orders
  •     Order customization
  •     Order scheduling
  •     Loyalty Rewards
  •     Flexible Menus
  •     POSitouch Integration
  •     Branding
  •     Hosting
  •     Management Portal
  •     Payment Options

The platform also provides various online and kiosk features, menu and store management, analytics, store integration and customizable kiosk hardware. Learn more about our SKMenu platform.