Ticket printing is becoming one of the more popular applications of self-service technology. Staffing a window gets expensive, especially after hours, and waiting in a long line is definitely not a great incentive to see a show or movie or attend an event. Ticket kiosks are most commonly located at cinemas, arenas or hotel lobbies, but can be used at any venue that uses tickets as a requirement for entry. The use of kiosks to create multiple points of purchase has been a sound crowd management strategy for years.

Printing Kiosks can also do much more than dispense tickets. They can also be used to:

  •  Issue insurance contracts – they are usually designed to execute simple transactions at locations where staffing may be unfeasible, like the concourse of an airport or shopping mall.
  • Print coupons – these kiosks are ideally located at the entrance of a business or at point-of-sale locations allowing customers to access coupons based on their purchases. The coupons are accessed by customers using their personal store loyalty cards at the kiosk.
  • Print boarding passes – usually located at hotels or airports, these kiosks allow users to print their boarding pass in advance. It eliminates one step of the airport check-in process.