We can provide kiosk solutions for almost any industry. Our rugged, vandal-resistant kiosk designs can be customized to provide a unit with the functionality you desire.



Our industry solutions include customized enclosures and software for:

  • Financial Kiosks
    • Payment of utility bills
    • Payday Loans
    • Accept donations
  • Government Kiosks
    • Administer and manage government administrative functions
    • Payment of bail, fines and tickets
    • Payment for goods at prison commissaries
  • Retail Kiosks
    • Facilitate in-store cataloguing
    • Provide customers with access to all your products and services
    • Manage loyalty programs and process loyalty and gift cards
    • Provide a self-checkout/payment option
  • Self-service Check In Kiosks
    • Hotel, hospital, juror/court check in services
  • Restaurant Kiosks
    • Online ordering
    • Flexible menus
    • Loyalty programs

We also provide OEM kiosk solutions: enclosures and software specific to your customer engagement model and business applications:

  • OEM Solutions
    • Custom build enclosures
    • Kiosks software to interact with your back end applications
    • Outdoor, Drive through, Through the wall and Indoor enclosures