We pride ourselves on providing a unique, thorough service, ensuring that all your business needs and goals are met. We aim to deliver an enhanced customer service experience similar to the one we promise your customers will have when you introduce our kiosks to your business.

We also know technology can be daunting, so we offer a variety of services to help your self-service or digital project succeed in the field.


  • INSTALLATION: can arrange site surveys, hardware installation, and software installation for you. We can custom-design an installation service for your application if it requires a little special attention. We have technical people on staff and we understand the need for special attention.


  • SERVICE & MAINTENANCE: All our products are covered by our one-year limited international ‘return to depot’ warranty and access to a variety of technical support avenues. Our highly qualified engineers have a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of our kiosk models and can perform almost any type of kiosk maintenance that is needed. Our units are designed to move effortlessly which facilitates easy access and maintenance. This includes Diagnostics & Repair. You can choose from a variety of response and coverage times for ongoing break-fix maintenance. We can also inventory spare parts for your units and attend to those mission-critical items that mean the difference between success and failure of your application in the field. We also offer many onsite extended maintenance/warranty options. Contact one of our specialists to find out the terms and conditions of our warranty under the local laws of your country.


  • FINANCING: We recognize that for some companies, due to their business model, it may not make sense to invest in the purchase of equipment, even with our competitive kiosk pricing. If a kiosk solution is only needed for a specific period of time, then financing may be the option for you. We are happy to provide you with an affordable kiosk financing agreement, through our various finance partners.


Our kiosk manufacturing department works closely with our custom designers and consultation specialists to ensure that we always deliver products tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients.