Our countertop and wall mount kiosk models are a great option for businesses that may have limited floor space. Our countertop kiosks are compact while our wall mount kiosks are designed to be securely affixed to any wall at eye-level, providing an additional benefit as a marketing tool that can display your company’s brand and messaging. Both model types are sturdy and adaptable with a sleek finish and can be used to share information, facilitate transactions or be utilized as interactive digital signage. Essential components such as a keyboard and trackball, printer or card reader can be added depending on their use.

Our Countertop / Wall Mount Kiosk models include:


This countertop kiosk includes a Sound Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen. The unit can be configured with either a 15” or 19” LCD Display. Despite its sleek, neat finish, it is quite a rugged kiosk model. This, along with its compact size makes it a great option for high traffic areas with limited floor space.

Download X2S Datasheet



The  X8 is an exceptionally designed, stylish interactive signage unit. It features a 24″ widescreen high definition (HD) display that provides maximum clarity when viewing videos and images. Its sleek design allows it to be used as a wall-mountable unit with a choice of a compact or slender variation.

Download X8 Datasheet



The  X8E is the freestanding version of the X8 model that can be equipped with a stand and used as a freestanding unit or alternatively, as a wall-mountable unit without the stand. It is ideal for marketing products, as this model will give ads and promotional images an enhanced look.

Download X8E Datasheet


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